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From the Vault: Guitarist Toolkits Streaming

JamPlay Membership Update: From now until the end of the year, we will announce one Guitarist Toolkit each week for FULL STREAMING access.

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Diminished Arpeggios on Guitar with Mark Kroos

In this lesson, Mark Kroos shows you how to use fully diminished arpeggios to solo over the 12-bar blues.

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Learn to Solo Over the 12-Bar Blues Form [New Course]

In this new JamPlay course with Mark Kroos, we are spicing up the way that you solo over the 12-bar blues form.

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Jazz Guitar Chords with Marcelo

In this lesson, you will explore Jazz guitar chords and chord shells — a quick and easy way to maneuver through jazz chord progressions.

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Learn to Play Jazz Rhythm Guitar [New Course]

In this course, Marcelo teaches the core skills needed for a solid foundation in Jazz rhythm guitar and Jazz guitar improvisation.

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economy picking exercise guitar lesson

Economy Picking Exercises with Trevor Gordon Hall

In this lesson from the Melodic Picking Practice Plan, you will explore hammer-ons and pull-offs and you will learn a simple economy picking exercises.

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Melodic Picking Practice Plan [New Course]

In this JamPlay course, students will explore right-hand exercises through melodic lead playing and getting the right and left hand to work together.

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Giveaway: Win an Ibanez RG Standard Electric Guitar

This giveaway ended on September 30, 2021. Congrats to the winner of the Ibanez RG421EX Standard electric guitar.

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Giveaway: Win a Souldier Guitar Strap

JamPlay is giving away a Souldier Guitar Strap (Grateful Dead Dancing Bears). Enter for a chance to win! Contest ends 9/19/2021.

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Music Theory Madness: Video

Music theory can be intimidating. You feel like it's all connected...but how? JamPlay can help!

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Giveaway: Win a PRS SE Hollowbody Electric Guitar

This giveaway ended on August 14, 2021. Congrats to the winner of the PRS SE Hollowbody Standard Electric Guitar.

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Get the Sound of a Legend: Jimi Hendrix

No other musician had more of an influence on the path of the electric guitar in the 20th century than Jimi Hendrix. His legacy is unmatched considering he only spent about ten years of his short life as a performing musician.

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