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Founded in 1991, the thrash metal band, Machine Head was (legend has it) founded by lead vocalist Rob Flynn while he attended a Metallica concert. Since then, the band has gone on to release ten studio albums, appear on global charts, and garner international acclaim, . Although Machine Head didn’t quite catch on in the U.S. at first, they became notorious in Europe over their first several albums between the mid-1990s and early 2000s. Their more recent releases have kept the Machine Head legacy alive; in 2007, the band was nominated for a GRAMMY Award, and in 2010 their album The Blackening was named Metal Hammer Magazine’s Album of the Decade.

Members may be excited to know that Machine Head founder and frontman, Rob Flynn and guitarist, Phil Demmel joined us a JamPlay to teach you how to play four Machine Head original songs! Grab your guitar, and get ready to learn some metal guitar.

Note: When learning these songs, remember to set your tuner 40hz higher (A=480hz). It’s the Machine Head way!

“Aesthetics of Hate” – Machine Head Song Lesson – JamPlay

Aesthetics of Hate” is an important song for Machine Head. Not only was it the source of controversy, as it was written in response to an article that lambasted late guitarist, Dimebag Darrell, it also earned the band its only GRAMMY Award nomination. The song itself features memorable guitar riffs and distorted rhythmic chugs. Get ready for speed when learning this song – it’s fast!

Get the full song lesson and breakdown from Rob Flynn and Phil Demmel on JamPlay!

“Be Still And Know” – Song Lesson – JamPlay

From the band’s seventh studio album, Unto The Locust, “Be Still And Know” is a song about persisting through the rough times like presents us with. According to Phil Demmel, he had shown the song’s riffs to Rob, and then wasn’t able to attend practice for several days. But, by the time he returned to rehearsals, Rob and the other members of the band had already pieced together much of the song using Phil’s riffs.

Get the full song lesson and breakdown from Rob Flynn and Phil Demmel on JamPlay!

“Darkness Within” – Machine Head Song Lesson – JamPlay

Darkness Within” also debuted on the album, Unto The Locust, and is said to have been partially inspired by the life events that also inspired frontman, Rob Flynn to write “Be Still And Know.” Rob also says part of the inspiration for the song came from a scene he saw in the 1987 film, Angel Heart. Another interesting fact about this song is its tuning. The A, D, G, and B strings are all dropped to C# tuning (F#, B, E, and G#), and the high and low E strings are dropped to low B.

Get the full song lesson and breakdown from Rob Flynn and Phil Demmel on JamPlay!

“Now I Lay Thee Down” – Machine Head Song Lesson – JamPlay

Now I Lay Thee Down” is said to have set the stylistic stage for Machine Head’s 2007 album, The Blackening. Rob Flynn mentions the lyrics for the song, which features pop-esque melodies, depict a Shakespearian-style tragedy. Similar to “Darkness Within,” this song is tuned mostly to C#, except the low E string which is dropped to a low B.

Get the full song lesson and breakdown from Rob Flynn and Phil Demmel on JamPlay!

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