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the flaming lips song lessons social

The Flaming Lips Song Lesson Playlist

The eccentric and GRAMMY-Award-winning band, The Flaming Lips have made a huge impact on music and pop culture. Learn their songs on guitar!

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Organizing Your Guitar Practice Time

Do you struggle with organizing your guitar practice time? Having a simple method of categorizing can make all the difference.

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dream theater song lessons social

Dream Theater Song Lesson Playlist

Dream Theater is a GRAMMY-Winning metal band that has captivated audiences for over three decades. Learn their songs on guitar here!

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ai in music will it replace guitarists social

AI in Music – Will It Replace Guitarists?

Will AI replace guitarists? In this blog, we'll talk about AI in music and explore the possibilities and limitations of this technology.

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Goo Goo Dolls Song Lesson Playlist

The Goo Goo Dolls wrote and recorded some of the biggest rock hits of the 1990s. Learn their songs on guitar note-for-note with JamPlay!

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Three Tips for the Discouraged Adult Guitarist

3 Tips For the Discouraged Adult Guitarist

Every player gets frustrated and stuck once in a while, even adult guitarists. But you don't have to let it stop your progress.

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Intro to Ukulele For Guitar Players

The ukulele and guitar are very similar instruments. But there are a few things to know before picking up the uke! Learn more here.

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JamPlay’s Aloha Ukulele Giveaway

Welcome to JamPlay's 2023 Aloha Ukulele Giveaway! Enter to win a new ukulele!

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Bumblefoot Song Lesson Playlist

Bumblefoot is the stage name of the prodigy, Ron Thal, who gained fame as a guitarist for Guns 'N Roses. Learn his songs on the guitar!

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International Jazz day SOCIAL

International Jazz Day – Learn Some Jazz Guitar!

Did you know International Jazz Day is this weekend? On April 30th, celebrate by learning how to play jazz guitar for FREE on JamPlay!

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Derek and The Dominos Song Lesson Playlist

Derek and The Dominos was a short-lived, yet impactful project led by virtuoso guitarist, Eric Clapton. Learn their songs on guitar here!

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Taylor Swift & Her Greatest Musical Influences

Taylor Swift has inspired so many artists and has made significant impacts on pop culture. But who inspires Taylor Swift? Find out here!

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