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This one is for the nu metal fans! Disturbed shares the proverbial pedestal with the likes of Godsmack and Slipknot as one of the best-selling rock / metal bands of all time. Globally, Disturbed have sold over 17 million albums, and have been streamed over 2 billion times on Spotify alone. Even more impressively, five successive Disturbed albums (of their eight total albums) debuted at No. 1. These grand numbers aided in the band receiving two GRAMMY nominations, and winning several other awards over their careers.

JamPlay is home to the most comprehensive, in-depth song lessons of some of Disturbed’s biggest hits. Let’s check out some of the Disturbed guitar lessons you can find on JamPlay!

“Down With The Sickness” by Disturbed – Song Lesson – JamPlay

Arguably the best known Disturbed song, “Down With The Sickness” is most famous today for its hallmark “ooh-wah-ah-ah-ah” vocable intro sung by lead singer, David Draiman. This nu metal megahit is certified Platinum in the US, and Gold in both the UK and Canada. Infamously tuned to “drop C#,” this song is characterized by heavily distorted chordal guitar riffs and dirty sounding harmonics.

In this partial lesson, JamPlay educator, Dennis Hodges demonstrates the guitar parts for “Down With The Sickness” by Disturbed. For the breakdown of each guitar part, check out his full lesson on JamPlay!

“Inside The Fire” by Disturbed – Song Lesson – JamPlay

Inside The Fire” is one of Disturbed’s top hits, and was the leading single from their 2008 album, Indestructible. The song was featured in the EA Sports video game, Madden NFL ’09 and was nominated for a GRAMMY Award. When learning it on guitar, get ready to play distorted, rhythmic guitar riffs and a technically challenging guitar solo featuring 16 notes and pinch harmonics.

Dennis Hodges breaks down each of these guitar parts note-for-note in his full lesson on JamPlay!

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