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JamPlay’s Springfest Giveaway

Welcome to JamPlay's 2023 Springfest Giveaway! Enter to win a new rig of Springtime guitar gear!

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Cream Social

Cream Song Lesson Playlist

Authors of some of history's best blues guitar music, Cream is one the most iconic rock bands ever. Learn their songs on guitar with JamPlay!

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Keb' Mo' Masterclass Square

Keb’ Mo’ Americana Roots Guitar Masterclass Series

Keb' Mo' is one of the blues genre's most awarded guitarists in history. Learn his approach to guitar in his new video masterclass series!

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Chevelle Social

Chevelle Song Lesson Playlist

The brother-fronted trio, Chevelle helped lay the foundation for hard rock in the '90s and 2000s. Learn their hits on guitar with JamPlay!

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Billy Idol Social

Billy Idol Song Lesson Playlist

Rockstar and frontrunner of the "Second British Invasion," Billy Idol is a musical and cultural phenomenon. Learn his songs on guitar here!

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Jerry Garcia and His Bluegrass-Influenced Picking

Jerry Garcia is one of the most recognizable players in rock history. Here, we take a look at his bluegrass-influenced picking style.

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Candlebox Social

Candlebox Song Lesson Playlist

Candlebox found early success in the 1990s with rock hits like, "Far Behind" and "You." Learn these songs on guitar with JamPlay!

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Pedal Point Guitar exercise social

Pedal Point Guitar Exercise & Etude

Adding pedal point guitar pieces to your repertoire can be valuable for performing. Try this FREE pedal tone guitar lesson!

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machine head Song Lessons square

Machine Head Song Lesson Playlist

Machine Head is one of the world's most acclaimed thrash metal bands. Learn their songs from frontman Rob Flynn, himself on JamPlay!

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guitar hand injury

Restarting practice after an injury

Accidents happen and hands get hurt. But once the doctor gives the ok for you to practice again after an injury, it's crucial to do it right.

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Buckcherry Song Lessons

Buckcherry Song Lesson Playlist

Buckcherry has tread the line between rock, grunge, and funk from the 1990s to present day. Learn their songs on guitar with JamPlay!

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jp-Get-Out-Your-Guitar-Day -1200x1200-2023

National Get Out Your Guitar Day!

Did you know February 11 is National Get Out Your Guitar Day? Here are some FREE guitar lessons to help you start it off right!

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