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Practicing Guitar is Problem Solving

If practicing guitar doesn’t include some thoughtful problem-solving, you probably aren’t getting as much out of it as you could!

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Great Guitar Playing is Dynamic

What makes the difference between a competent player and a great one? Read more to learn what great guitar playing takes!

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Guitar Exercises: Are They Boring, Tedious, Endless?

Do you feel like your guitar exercises and practice are boring? Feeling like it's all a waste of time? Then this article is for you!

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Van Morrison Song Lesson Playlist

The poetic brilliance of Van Morrison cannot be overstated. Learn some of his top hits on guitar with TrueFire's intuitive learning tools!

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One Service to Unite Them All!

JamPlay & TrueFire Have Combined Forces to Enrich and Expand Your JamPlay Membership With More Lessons, Educators, and So Much More!

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JamPlay and TrueFire Merge Their Video Lesson Libraries To Form Industry’s Most Comprehensive Guitar Learning Platform

JamPlay and TrueFire subscribers now have unlimited access to 70,000+ lessons, 400+ instructors, advanced learning tools, and desktop, mobile and OTT apps as part of their membership – at no additional cost!

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Learn This Beginner Blues Guitar Riff

New to your guitar-playing journey? Learn this beginner blues guitar riff in the style of Stevie Ray Vaughan for FREE with Jeff McErlain!

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Eve 6 Song Lesson Playlist

Eve 6 made waves in the alternative rock scene with chart-topping hits during the '90s and 2000s. Learn their song on guitar with JamPlay!

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The Importance Of Guitar Repertoire

How many songs would you say you can comfortably play? If the answer is "none, " you should consider developing your guitar repertoire.

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Hank Williams Song Lesson Playlist

Hank Williams is doubtlessly one of the most influential figures in country songwriting. Learn his song on guitar with JamPlay!

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JamPlay’s 4th Of July Giveaway

Welcome to JamPlay's 2023 4th Of July Giveaway! Enter to win a Fender Jaguar Guitar!

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Godsmack Bass Guitar Song Lesson Playlist

When it comes to powerhouse rock bands, Godsmack is a name that stands tall. Learn their song on bass with Godsmack bassist, Robbie Merrill!

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