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chimaira song lessons social

Chimaira Song Lesson Playlist

Chimaira is one of the most influential metal bands from the Midwest. Learn their songs here with…

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5 Tips For Sitting In (On A Jam Session)

Have you ever been called onstage to play a song with another band? Do you know what it takes to be…

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oldest song ever social

The Oldest Song… Ever?

The oldest written musical scale was first believed to come from Ancient Greece... until the 1950s…

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Darkest Hour Social

Darkest Hour Song Lesson Playlist

Darkest Hour is one of the most adaptive and unyielding metal bands to come out of the U.S. Learn…

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Cream Social

Cream Song Lesson Playlist

Authors of some of history's best blues guitar music, Cream is one the most iconic rock bands ever.…

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Chevelle Social

Chevelle Song Lesson Playlist

The brother-fronted trio, Chevelle helped lay the foundation for hard rock in the '90s and 2000s.…

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Billy Idol Social

Billy Idol Song Lesson Playlist

Rockstar and frontrunner of the "Second British Invasion," Billy Idol is a musical and cultural…

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Jerry Garcia and His Bluegrass-Influenced Picking

Jerry Garcia is one of the most recognizable players in rock history. Here, we take a look at his…

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Candlebox Social

Candlebox Song Lesson Playlist

Candlebox found early success in the 1990s with rock hits like, "Far Behind" and "You." Learn these…

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Pedal Point Guitar exercise social

Pedal Point Guitar Exercise & Etude

Adding pedal point guitar pieces to your repertoire can be valuable for performing. Try this FREE…

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machine head Song Lessons square

Machine Head Song Lesson Playlist

Machine Head is one of the world's most acclaimed thrash metal bands. Learn their songs from…

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guitar hand injury

Restarting practice after an injury

Accidents happen and hands get hurt. But once the doctor gives the ok for you to practice again…

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