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Californian alternative rock band, Eve 6, got an early start in the music industry. The band, which formed in 1995 under the name “Eleventeen” signed a record deal while all of the members were still high schoolers. Despite their young ages, the band didn’t take long to top the charts; in 1998 the band scored their first platinum, chart-topping success. Before the band’s first hiatus (2004), Eve 6 appeared on several high-profile talk shows, including The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Jimmy Kimmel Live!, and even The Late Show with David Letterman.

In this blog, we’ll be highlighting some of the Eve 6 smash hits you can learn on guitar with JamPlay’s top educators and learning tools. Grab your guitar, and let’s learn some songs!

“At Least We’re Dreaming” – Eve 6 Song Lesson – JamPlay

From their “experimental” LP, “At Least We’re Dreaming” reveals a more somber side of Eve 6. Though, this isn’t reflected in the instrumentation. As you learn the song, you’ll find yourself playing many different upbeat guitar parts!

Follow along with Chris Liepe as he details how to play all of the guitar parts for “At Least We’re Dreaming.” You can find the full lesson with tab & notation on JamPlay!

“Here’s To The Night” – Eve 6 Song Lesson – JamPlay

From Eve 6’s sophomore album, Horrorscope, “Here’s To The Night” is one of the band’s greatest hits. Once a favorite at high school graduation ceremonies and parties, this rock hit peaked at No. 30 on Billboard’s Hot 100 charts – a stunning feat for such a young band.

In this lesson, Chris Liepe shows you how to play all of the guitar parts for “Here’s To The Night” note-for-note. Jump into the full lesson with tab on JamPlay!

“Inside Out” – Eve 6 Song Lesson – JamPlay

Remember when we said Eve 6 had crazy, platinum-selling success early on? It’s mostly thanks to “Inside Out,” which is considered to be the band’s biggest hit. Debuting as the first single from their first, self-titled album, “Inside Out” spent a total of four weeks at No. 1 across several US rock charts.

Grab your guitar and learn this smash rock hit with Chris Liepe. For the full lesson with tab & notation, check out Chris’ course on JamPlay!

For more Song Lessons, check out JamPlay.com! JamPlay has over 450 guitar courses from 120+ instructors, and online guitar lessons tailored to every skill level, music genre, and playing style. Click here to learn more.

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