One Service to Unite Them All!

JamPlay & TrueFire Have Combined Forces to Enrich and Expand Your JamPlay Membership With More Lessons, Educators, and So Much More!

We’ve got exciting news! Today JamPlay officially merges our legendary content library with TrueFire’s to form the most comprehensive online guitar learning platform on the PLANET! This union will elevate your guitar and bass learning experience by combining the very best elements of both services to deliver the JamPlay experience that you’ve come to expect PLUS unlimited access to the full lineup of TrueFire’s extensive lesson library and revolutionary learning tools – all in one convenient and awesome service!

As one of our loyal JamPlay Members, you will now have access to a mind-boggling:

  • 70,000+ online lessons 
  • 400+ world-class educators 
  • Industry-leading learning tools
  • Cutting-edge desktop, mobile, and OTT apps

We know right now you’re thinking, “What’s this gonna cost me?”

Well…we’re happy to say that this massive upgrade comes at no additional cost to you!

Look, we know that this is a big change. Whether you’ve been with us since way back in 2007 or you’re a new member that has just joined the community – rest assured your existing JamPlay membership will be transitioned seamlessly. Our newly expanded team of guitar junkies, gearheads, and theory-nuts will be here to help with any questions or concerns that you may have about the move. Same as it ever was – we’re in this together!

You can click HERE for the full FAQ or log in now with your JamPlay account to gain immediate access to all of your new lessons, tools, and toys!

To learn more about the JamPlay / TrueFire merger, click HERE

With excitement and gratitude –



Your JamPlay Team