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Guitarist Toolkits Streaming

A JamPlay 2021 Membership Update

For a few years now, JamPlay Guitarist Toolkits have been released every December as a gift to our annual members. Each year, we create hundreds of hours of incredible learning material in the form of these Toolkits — and every December we retire the previous batch to bring in the new. Well, we decided that it’s time to open the vault and make these available in the Members Area for streaming access!

For PRO Members

We will be making all 9 of the most recent Guitarist Toolkits stream-able in the Members Area for JamPlay PRO members* before January 1st. These Toolkits and their supporting materials (JamTracks, Tabs, Stems, etc) will still also be available for download.

From now until the end of the year, we will announce one Toolkit each week for streaming access. Stay tuned for updates!

Week 1 – Unlocking Rhythm Guitar

Week 2 – Blues Essentials

Week 3 – Rock Essentials

Week 4 – ??

For All Members

Throughout the coming year, we will be adding the FULL ARCHIVE* of Guitarist Toolkits to the Members Area for streaming access. Right now, the Unlocking Rhythm Guitar Toolkit is available for STREAMING in the Members Area and unlocked for all members to get a taste!


*The Unlocking Rhythm Guitarist Toolkit is now available to all JamPlay members for streaming. The Blues Essentials Toolkit (for streaming or download) is available to PRO members as well as members who have purchased access to this toolkit. The full archive of Guitarist Toolkits from previous years (2020 and earlier) will be added in 2022 and will be available to all members for streaming and download.

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