Diminished Arpeggios on Guitar

with Mark Kroos

In this lesson from Mark Kroos’ course, Spice Up the Blues, you’ll learn how to use fully diminished arpeggios to solo over the 12-bar blues. Once you’re able to wrap your head around this and get it “under your fingers” it becomes a really simple concept, even though it might seem intimidating at first.

Remember, a fully diminished 7th chord consists of 1, flat 3, flat 5, and double flat 7. That means that all of the notes are a minor 3rd apart. So, since all the notes are the same distance apart, any of those notes could be the root note in a chord shape. Check out the full lesson — unlocked for FREE — to see this in action.

Learn how to play arpeggios on guitar in this lesson with instructor, Mark Kroos and practice variations of diminished arpeggios while playing along to some fun JamTracks!

Spice Up the Blues contains 25 lessons along with a handful of solos sprinkled in to help you master the shapes and skills you’ve been learning. To access the full course, you must become a JamPlay member.


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