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Everyone’s got their own favorite band they love, and there are plenty of rock bands that have won the hearts of many worldwide. Few, however, have or will have the impact that (The) Eagles did during their 36+ year career (we subtracted the years of hiatus). Formed in 1971, Eagles took to the skies early, as their self-titled debut album bore two top 20 singles. Eagles have released 7 studio albums in total. Their music has not only won hearts all over the world, it has also earned them an impressive number of awards and accolades. Notably, Eagles were the recipients of five AMAs and six GRAMMY Awards. These honors were well deserved, as Eagles boasted five chart-topping singles and six No. 1 albums.

Here at JamPlay, we’re all about celebrating the best songs. So, let’s learn some of the Eagles’ biggest hits on guitar!

“Already Gone” by Eagles – Song Lesson – JamPlay

Included on Eagles’ Their Greatest Hits album, “Already Gone” was the first single from the 1974 album, On The Border. Characterized by a recognizable solo lick performed by Don Felder on his Les Paul Special, high energy, and a wall of vocal harmonies, this song is known for getting the crowd going at Eagles concerts. Upon its release, “Already Gone” spent 3 weeks in the top 40 charts, and peaked at No. 32 on Billboard’s Hot 100.

In this JamPlay lesson from Lance Ruby, you’ll learn how to play all of the guitar parts for “Already Gone” note-for-note. For the breakdown of each part, check out the full lesson!

“Peaceful Easy Feeling” by Eagles – Song Lesson – JamPlay

Also included on Their Greatest Hits, “Peaceful Easy Feeling” is one of Eagles’ all-time most popular tracks. Sung by lead vocalist, Glenn Frey, this country rock hit is well known for its evocative lyrics, calming chord cadences, and stunning three-part vocal harmonies.

The song features two acoustic guitar parts, and a B-bender Telecaster part. For those who aren’t familiar with a B-bender guitar, it’s a guitar that’s been outfitted with a contraption that bends the B string up one whole step. This results in a glissando effect that mimics that of a lap steel guitar. In this lesson from Tyler Grant, he’ll show you how to play all of the guitar parts, including the lead part adapted for a regular electric guitar. Check out the full breakdown on JamPlay!

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