How to Play Guitar Like Jeff Beck

Named as one of the top 5 guitar players in rock history by Rolling Stone, Jeff Beck is a musical wonder of the world. Often referred to as a “guitarist’s guitarist,” Jeff Beck is well known for his un-copyable style of electric guitar playing. But, what makes his style so unattainably unique? Jeff Beck’s playing could be described as pure flow; he never hits a wrong note because it is all an improvised stream of artistic expression. During a performance, he can be seen constantly adjusting the knobs on his guitar, using his whammy bar, bending strings, and plucking notes… but almost never the same way twice unless done intentionally.

Throughout his numerous musical endeavors—including the Yardbirds, Jeff Beck Group, and Beck, Bogert & Appice—Jeff Beck has won eight GRAMMY Awards and been inducted to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame two times (once for the Yardbirds and again as a solo act). Jeff is a living legend, and continues to improve his guitar playing skills, even at age 78.

Jeff Beck Guitar Lesson:

So how can we understand his playing better so that we can improve our own skills? Let’s hear what JamPlay educator, Chris Liepe has to say!

Jeff Beck’s tone and style all start in the fingers. He almost never plays with a pick, and relies mostly on his fingers to pluck and strum notes. In this lesson, Chris Liepe shows you a Jeff Beck inspired lick that will have you practicing your right hand dynamics and bends to perfection. Then, Chris shows you how to dial in a guitar tone that’s reminiscent of Jeff Beck’s. Chis is using Positive Grid’s Bias FX software to emulate some specific guitar pedals. You can use either software or your own guitar pedals to follow along!

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