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In the world of music, every once in a while, previously acclaimed musicians get together to write and perform music. When they form a band, we call this a supergroup. One of the best examples of a supergroup in the 1970s was the English rock band, Bad Company. The band formed when Paul Rodgers and Simon Kirke (formerly of the band, Free) converged with King Krimson’s bassist, Boz Burrell and former Mott the Hoople guitar player, Mick Ralphs. This juggernaut of a band achieved high levels of commercial success though the 1970s, with their first three studio albums breaching the top five in the US and UK. Though the lineup of members switched at various points over the band’s career, together they crafted some of rock’s most recognizable tunes.

Here at JamPlay, you can learn some of Bad Company’s biggest hits from real professional guitar players. Let’s take a look at some Bad Company guitar lessons!

“Feel Like Makin’ Love” by Bad Company – Song Lesson – JamPlay

Boasting a single release and a debut on Bad Company’s second studio album, “Feel Like Makin’ Love” was a smash hit from the start. This song peaked in the Top 20 in the US, UK, Canada, and New Zealand. Plus it was successfully covered by other notable performers including Pauline Henry, Kid Rock, and South Park creator, Trey Parker.

In this guitar lesson, pro guitar player, Chris Buono shows you how to play all of the guitar parts for “Feel Like Makin’ Love” in its entirety. The song includes a couple acoustic gutiar parts, an electric guitar part, and a harmonized guitar solo. Get the breakdown of the song in Chris’ full lesson on JamPlay!

“Rock ‘N’ Roll Fantasy” by Bad Company – Song Lesson – JamPlay

Rock ‘N’ Roll Fantasy” is Bad Company’s best-selling single ever, and has been certified Gold (500,000 sales by US standards). It peaked at No. 13 on the Us Billboard Hot 100, and remains a recognizable staple in classic rock radio formats.

The song features two electric guitar parts, some straight-ahead rock rhythms, some exciting trills, and other early-intermediate-level guitar techniques. For the breakdown of the whole song, check out pro guitarist, DJ Phillips’ full lesson on JamPlay!

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