Dååth Song Lesson Playlist

Dååth is an American metal band formed in 2000 (originally called “Dirt Nap”) in Atlanta, Georgia. The band’s style was a blend of various metal sub-genres, including death metal, thrash metal, and industrial metal.

Throughout their career, Dååth received praise for their technical proficiency, blending of metal sub-genres, and experimentation with electronic and industrial elements. They also toured extensively, playing with bands such as Slipknot, Machine Head, and Chimaira.

Though Dååth apparently disbanded around 2013, they announced their signing to Metal Blade Records and new music to come in February of 2023. With a mostly new lineup (except for founding member Eyal Levi), the band celebrates its first new music release in 12 years with the single, “No Rest No End.”

Thankfully, JamPlay teamed up with former Dååth guitar player, Emil Werstler to show you how to play some of the band’s best songs note-for-note. Let’s check out some Dååth guitar lessons!

“Self-Corruption Manifesto” – Dååth Song Lesson – JamPlay

Self-Corruption Manifesto” comes from Dååth’s third studio album, The Concealers. The song features heavy, drop-tuned guitar rhythms and a red hot guitar solo that may take some extra practicing to nail!

Luckily, Emil Werstler is here to set the record straight on how all of it is played. Learn all of the guitar parts for this song in Emil’s full lesson on JamPlay!

“Sharpen The Blades” – Song Lesson – JamPlay

Sharpen The Blades” is the opening track for Dååth’s 2009 album, The Concealers, and a powerful one at that. The opening guitar riff in the song was one that Emil Werstler supposedly had in his back pocket for a while before presenting it to the band for this song.

Emil, once again, is here to show you how to play the whole song from start to finish. Learn all of the parts for “Sharpen The Blades” note-for-note in Emil’s full lesson on JamPlay!

“Sightless” – Dååth Song Lesson – JamPlay

The fourth track from their 2007 album, The Hinderers, “Sightless” is another technically impressive track with some interesting rhythmic variances. One of the hallmarks of the song is the dueling guitar solo before the last chorus, as performed by Emil Werstler, himself.

In this lesson, Emil demonstrates how to play the guitar parts for “Sightless.” For the tab and notation, check out Emil’s full lesson on JamPlay!

“Wilting On The Vine” – Song Lesson – JamPlay

Lastly, “Wilting On The Vine” comes from The Concealers, and features a much slower tempo than the other tracks we’ve talked about here. But, that doesn’t mean the guitar parts are any more of a walk in the park!

Luckily, Emil Werstler is here to help. You can find the breakdown, tab, and notation of all the guitar parts for “Wilting On The Vine” in the full lesson on JamPlay.

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