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There’s been a lot of fun poking aimed at the state of Ohio lately (possibly for totally-justified reasons). But, the state hasn’t always produced abhorrent headlines (see: the Wright Brothers). Today we’ll focus on one of Cleveland, Ohio’s influential forces for good: the groove metal band, Chimaira. Formed in 1998, Chimaira achieved significant commercial success with their 2003 album, “The Impossibility of Reason,” which debuted at No. 117 on the Billboard 200 chart. The band’s music is often described as a blend of various metal genres, including groove metal, death metal, and metalcore. Chimaira’s sound is characterized by heavy riffs, aggressive drumming, and dark, intense lyrics.

If you’re a metal guitar player, aspiring or otherwise, you’re going to love these lessons. We were fortunate enough to collaborate directly with former Chimaira guitarist, Emil Werstler so he could show you how to play their songs note-for-note. Let’s take a look at some Chimaira songs you can learn on guitar here at JamPlay!

“All That’s Left Is Blood” – Chimaira Song Lesson – JamPlay

As Chimaira guitarist, Emil Werstler explains, “All That’s Left Is Blood” was not only the first single to appear from their (then) forthcoming album, Crown Of Phantoms, but it was also the first song that the band demoed for the LP.

In this lesson, Emil shows you how to play “All That’s Left Is Blood” on guitar note-for-note. For the full lesson with the breakdown and tab, check out Emil’s course on JamPlay.

“I Despise” – Chimaira Song Lesson – JamPlay

Also from Chimaira’s 2013 album Crown Of Phantoms,I Despise” relies heavily on the rhythm of the drums and vocals. But, needless to say, the guitars riffs, which were largely written by vocalist Mark Hunter, carry the tune.

In this lesson from Emil Westler, you’ll learn all the chords, rhythms, and riffs to the song, “I Despise.” For the breakdown and tab for this lesson, check out Emil’s full lesson on JamPlay!

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