Trevor Gordon Hall's Fingerstyle Fireworks Guitar Course

When you start learning fingerstyle guitar, it’s important to begin with the rudiments. Without these, you’re more likely to develop bad technique and struggle more than you need to with some commonly-encountered roadblocks. But, when you’ve got the basics down, then it’s time for the fun stuff.

In Trevor Gordon Hall’s Fingerstyle Fireworks guitar course, you’ll take your first look at some techniques, approaches, and tricks you can employ to add some pizzaz to your playing. Let’s light the fuse and get these fireworks popping!

About the Course:

In contrast to some of Trevor Gordon Hall‘s other, comprehensive JamPlay guitar courses, Fingerstyle Fireworks serves as a “buffet style” introduction to several techniques and tricks. You’ll cover acoustic percussive approaches, guitar harmonics, adding rhythm to your fretting hand, and synchronizing your right and left hands. If you’ve already got a grasp of fingerstyle fundamentals, this course is perfect for you.

Try out a fingerstyle lesson from the course!

In this lesson from Trevor Gordon Hall’s Fingerstyle Fireworks, you’ll be learning how to combine three techniques. First, you’ll be hammering on some partial chords, then pulling them off in a rhythmic, “explosive” way. Finally you’ll incorporate slap harmonics to punctuate each chord. When played all together, it should sound like an acoustic, percussive drum fill. Once you get it down, a trick like this can add that extra sparkle that will keep your audience engaged.


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