Trevor Gordon Hall's Fingerstyle Fretting Hand Mastery

Fingerstyle, synonymous with fingerpicking, is one of the most popular modern guitar techniques. Although the technique has been around for hundreds of years, the contemporary style was made globally popular by guitar pioneers like Merle Travis and Chet Atkins. And through the generations, the methods for learning and partaking in this tradition have become more and more refined.

In Trevor Gordon Hall’s JamPlay guitar course, Fingerstyle Fretting Hand Mastery, he aims to help you avoid getting stuck on some of the most common roadblocks you’ll encounter learning this style. Believe it or not, your fretting hand can be a stealthy culprit. Let’s dive in to mastering your fingerstyle fretting hand!

About the Course:

In the world of fingerstyle guitar, having flexibility, strength, and an expressive touch in your fretting hand is paramount to performing. So, you’ll start this course by learning best ways to stretch vertically and horizontally to notes. This will be an important skill to hone when you start learning essential chord voicings. Then, Trevor will walk you through some key strength exercises so you can build the stamina you’ll need to carry out full performances, especially on an acoustic guitar. Lastly, Trevor will fill you in on how to play with force while maintaining an expressive touch. Playing expressively is how you keep an audience engaged and emotionally invested in a song.

Try it out!

Here’s an example of an expressive technique you’ll be working on with Trevor Gordon Hall. When playing natural harmonics, it’s important to stay nimble with your fretting hand. Otherwise you’ll end up getting a bad tone, or inadvertently dampening the notes when they should be ringing out.


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