Tony Martinez's Turning Pentatonics Into Music Guitar Course

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One of the first steps of learning guitar is discovering all of the scales that will be useful to you. Arguably the most important amongst these are the Major and Minor Pentatonic scales. So, you might have already practiced these particular scales A LOT! But, playing scales doesn’t really translate to playing music.

In his course, Turning Pentatonics Into Music, JamPlay educator, Tony Martinez shows you how to transform your Pentatonic scale recitals into performance-worthy playing. Let’s check out some samples from the course!

About the Course:

Playing a lot of notes, or playing really fast, are not skills that are essential to playing musical-sounding solos, riffs, or licks. Using pentatonic scales, with the help of some extra notes, expressive techniques, and tasteful rhythm can be the best way to perform melodic ideas. Join Tony Martinez in his step-by-step approach to playing more musically!

Try out a pentatonic guitar lesson from the course!

In this guitar lesson from Tony Martinez, you’ll learn about “root” notes. The root of a scale or key is the note on which the scale or key starts and ends, and is usually notated as “1,” “one,” “i,” or “I.” Watch how Tony uses the root note to finish musical “conversations.”

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