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When it comes to learning guitar, online resources have never been more robust! And here at JamPlay, we’ve got thousands of incredible guitar, bass, and song lessons across every genre and skill level available. But the eternal question still remains… where do I begin? Well, JamPlay finally has an answer.

Introducing: JamPlay’s Learning Paths – a linear, step-by-step approach to learning guitar regardless of your skill level. What’s different about our approach? Allow us to show you!

What are Learning Paths?

Put simply, Learning Paths are progressive curriculums made from carefully selected guitar courses that have been arranged in “paths” that will keep you on track as you learn guitar! Each one is specific to a genre, and starts you off with courses that teach the most fundamental skills for that genre. Each subsequent course builds on the previous one’s teachings, adding new tools to your toolbox as you go.

This first set of Learning Paths includes Blues, Rock, Country, and Fingerstyle. Let’s look at the Blues Learning Path as an example for what to expect!

How it all works…

Each Learning Path is divided up into three stages, each more advanced than the last. This way, you’ll be able to find your place along the path with ease. As you can see in this first Blues Learning Path stage, you’ll start with the very basics: tuning your strings properly, how to hold a guitar, playing your first notes. Then…

The next courses focus on how to play chord progressions, basic rhythms, essential scales, and solo-worthy melodies. When you’re progressing though the courses, it’s important to get these core skills under your fingers. They’ll come in handy when moving on to more advanced sections.

When you’re done with Stage 1, you’ll move on to Stage 2 where you’ll really apply your newfound guitar knowledge. This section is perfect for intermediate guitar players. So, if you’ve already got a grip on the basics, this section is a great place to start! Stage 2 is also where the lessons will delve further into the details; you’ll learn guitar skills and techniques that are specific to the genre you are studying.


Moving on, Stage 3 is designed to challenge both late intermediate and advanced guitar players. Just as you built upon your fundamental skills in Stage 2, you’ll take those lessons and really put them to the test in Stage 3. By the end of this section, you’ll be more than ready for the stage. You’ll understand advanced techniques, be able to play rhythms across multiple keys, and be comfortable with improvising lead melodies. Sounds exciting, right? Wait until you see the other features Learning Paths have in store!

Other great Learning Path features:

Learning Paths also offer Chord and Scale Libraries

Huge selections of Jam Tracks and Lick & Riff examples for you to play along with…

And intuitive progress tracking, so you can visualize the strides you make every time you take a step down the path.

So, what are you waiting for? Learn guitar the right way! The version of you who plays like your favorite guitar heroes is just at the end of a JamPlay Learning Path. Click here to learn more.

Interested in improving your guitar playing? Check out JamPlay.com! JamPlay has over 450 guitar courses from 120+ instructors, and online guitar lessons tailored to every skill level, music genre, and playing style. Click here to learn more.

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