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Just a few favorite JamPlay courses, handpicked by our team!

Our staff members have a unique perspective on the many courses in the JamPlay catalog. Most of us are guitar players — so we have opinions, likes, dislikes, and favorites just like you do. Here are three Staff Picks that we think you’ll enjoy.


I’ve known Tyler Grant for years. We’ve done a number of shows together throughout my career as a touring bassist, and I was always struck by Tyler’s immense versatility, virtuosic playing and  incredible improvisational abilities. Tyler’s “Jamming in a Jam Band” course is informative, easy to follow, and most importantly — tons of fun.

If your influences on guitar include the likes of Jerry Garcia, Warren Haynes or Trey Anastasio, this is a must-watch. Tyler starts with the essential basics and carries you all the way through to being able to jam with the best. Definitely check it out!

Not everyone struggles with barre chords but for those who do, it’s really demotivating. We had quite a few members mentioning barre chords as a pain point so I reached out to Dave Isaacs to see about doing a course to help solve this problem. Dave, in my opinion, really hit it out of the park with 28 short lessons that gradually build the ability to play barre chords clearly and without “death grip”.

It’s been so rewarding to read the comments on the lessons and hear about the breakthroughs people are having. If you avoid barre chords or maybe you play them but tire out quickly, check this course out.

The Power of 3 Notes combines painless music theory with practical exercises to help you play triads and more in different inversions up and down the neck (chords, arpeggios, colored chords, etc.).

Horace’s instruction is great! Clear, just the right pace, friendly — it just makes sense! I found that practicing the exercises has really opened up my fluidity so I don’t have to “think” so hard about what and where to play.

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