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Learn to Play Jazz Rhythm Guitar

with Marcelo Berestovoy

Our latest course with Marcelo Berestovoy teaches the core skills needed for a solid foundation in Jazz rhythm guitar and Jazz guitar improvisation. The course material is ideal for Blues players who want to learn some Jazz, for Jazz players who need to work on their rhythm playing, and really for anyone looking to learn Jazz chord progressions. As Marcelo says, “Jazz is definitely the best way to learn about chords on guitar”.

In Jazz, as a guitar player, if you can only play lead and you cannot play rhythm, you don’t really exist. If I have a Jazz gig and I want somebody to only play solos and I don’t need them to play rhythm, I call a trumpet player or a saxophone player. Believe me, nobody is going to call a guitar player to a Jazz gig just to play lead. So…if you don’t know your chords, you can’t have any pudding.

One of the biggest challenges with Jazz rhythm guitar is that you’re not really playing set patterns of chords or exact rhythms. What you’re doing is taking the concepts of the harmony and the rhythm and you’re improvising over that. So in this course, Marcelo will teach you how he approaches Jazz guitar improvisation and rhythm playing and then you’ll get a chance to practice playing over backing tracks to get more comfortable with this skill.

After you’ve taken this course, you are going to walk away with a much better understanding of Jazz guitar chords and an inspired approach to improvisation.

Jazz Chording & Comping: Core Skills contains 24 lessons along with backing tracks that let you play along. To access the full course, you must become a JamPlay member.


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