Jim Deeming's Guitar Discovery for Kids

So, you got your kid a guitar… now what? If you are a guitar player, maybe you’ve introduced them to it because it’s one of your passions that you think they’ll enjoy. Or maybe they showed so much of an interest in learning how to play like some of their musical heroes that you finally caved and bought them one. Well, just like their heroes did, they’ll need to start from square one with the basics. But kid’s guitar lessons can be expensive, and teaching them yourself can be frustrating if you’re not sure where to begin!

In Jim Deeming’s new JamPlay guitar course, Guitar Discovery for Kids (suggested age: 10-16yrs), your child can start strong by learning the essentials. They’ll begin by learning the best way to tune their guitar. Then, Jim demonstrates how to strum some of the most common, basic chord shapes. Once they’ve got their chords and strumming patterns figured out, Jim challenges your young learner by covering scales, 7th chords, and even full songs.

Try out a lesson from the course!

Here is one of the more advanced kid’s guitar lessons from the course. In this session, Jim helps the student combine their newfound knowledge of chords and strumming to learn the most common song form in blues music: the 12-bar blues. Blues guitarists helped pave the way for most contemporary pop music, so this is one of the best places any beginner can start! Looking for the guitar tab & notation, or more lessons like this? Check out Jim Deeming’s Guitar Discovery for Kids on JamPlay!

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