B.B. King Guitar Licks

Here at JamPlay, we care a lot about the Blues (we have plenty of it to offer)! And discussing the history of the Blues wouldn’t be complete without mentioning one of the most vital players in its history: B.B. King. A prodigy from a young age, Riley B. King (eventually dubbed, “Blues Boy” King) enjoyed an active, 56-year musical career between 1949-2005. His playing style included the expressive use of vibrato, string bends, and staccato picking, and is widely emulated by blues guitar players today. Besides his vast influence on other players, B.B.’s other accomplishments include winning 18 GRAMMY Awards, many primetime television appearances, and a museum constructed to honor his work (B.B. King Museum & Delta Interpretive Center).

So, in our opinions, B.B. King is a pretty big deal! To honor his achievements, here’s a B.B. King guitar lesson with JamPlay educator, DJ Phillips. Let’s dive right in!

B.B. King Guitar Lesson:

In this lesson, DJ Phillips shows us how to play two B.B. King Guitar licks. The first lick leans, stylistically, more toward Memphis Blues. It utilizes staccato notes, quick vibrato, and a string bed. The second lick is more reminiscent of Chicago Blues. To access the tab & notation for these guitar licks, find them in the description of the YouTube video above.


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