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When examining the history of any musical genre, we often first point out the influential figures that ushered it into popularity. Hank Williams Sr. is doubtlessly one such figure. Hiram King Williams, born on September 17, 1923, became an iconic player in the realm of American music and changed the country music landscape forever. His timeless songs and distinctive style continue to resonate with fans and inspire countless musicians. Throughout his tragically short career, Williams managed to revolutionize country music. This would eventually lead to him posthumously being awarded some of the highest accolades a musician can achieve. Namely, Hank Williams was awarded a GRAMMY Lifetime Achievement Award, and a GRAMMY Award for Grammy for Best Country Vocal Collaboration on “There’s a Tear in My Beer” with Hank Williams, Junior. Hank, Sr. was also awarded a Pulitzer Prize for his role in pioneering country music songcraft.

Needless to say, Hank Williams knew how to write one heck of a song. So, why not try and learn some of his best work yourself? Keep reading for some of the Hank Williams, Sr. song lessons we have to offer here at JamPlay!

“Hey Good Lookin'” – Hank Williams Song Lesson – JamPlay

An inductee to the GRAMMY Hall of Fame, Hank Williams’ “Hey Good Lookin’” is a timeless classic country tune that you’ve probably heard before. Aside from Williams’ topping the Hot Country Singles chart in 1951, the song was covered by a number of notable singers such as Jimmy Buffett, Alan Jackson, George Straight, and Kenny Chesney. Country Music Television even ranked “Hey good Lookin'” No. 19 on its list of 100 Greatest Songs of Country Music.

Follow along with D.J. Phillips as he shows you how to play all of the guitar parts for this classic country hit. For the full lesson, check out his course on JamPlay!

“Your Cheatin’ Heart” – Song Lesson – JamPlay

One of country music’s key standards, “Your Cheatin’ Heart” was originally released posthumously following Hank Williams’ untimely passing. Legend has it that Williams came up with the lyrics to this solemn tune while driving with his then-wife, Billie Jean Jones (though the song was about his ex wife, Audrey Sheppard).

In this lesson, D.J. Phillips demonstrates how to play all of the guitar parts for “Your Cheatin’ Heart.” For the full lesson with tab & notation, check out D.J.’s course on JamPlay!


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