JamPlay's 2023 Aloha Ukuele GIVEAWAY

You Could Be One Of FIVE WINNERS!

Did you know that May is Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month? What started as a week-long period of recognition proposed by Jeanie Jew in 1978 is now a month-long celebration. May was selected as the month to observe this heritage because it was during this month that the first Japanese immigrants arrived in the U.S. and the golden spike was driven into the Transcontinental Railroad (made possible by Chinese laborers). However, the month celebrates all Asian American and Pacific Island heritage.

This month, JamPlay will be highlighting one Pacific island’s heritage in particular… Hawai’i! From 1874-1891, Hawai’i was led by the nation’s last king, Kalākaua, who ruled when the U.S. began making their moves to annex the territory. Kalākaua was a merry man who was a huge proponent of the arts. In particular, he loved to serenade guests with an instrument that had been introduced to the Hawai’ians by the Portuguese. This four-stringed lute was the ukulele! Kalākaua is credited as one of the catalysts for this instrument’s popularity in Hawai’i, and subsequently, the world.

The ukulele is a fun and relatively easy instrument to learn how to play. Sign up below for your chance to win one of FIVE ukes we are giving away this month!


Past JamPlay Giveaway Winners

Feb 2023
Gretsch G5232 Electric Guitar + SolidGoldFX Spring Reverb Pedal + Lava Surf Green Cable + Fender Shell Pink Cable
Anita C. from New York

Nov – Jan 2022/23
Kay Sherwood Guitar + VOX Amp Head + Tone King Amp Cab + Fender Reverb Pedal + MXR Vintage Dyna Comp
Brandon L. from Ontario

June / July 2022
Squier Classic Vibe Late ’50s Jazzmaster + Supro Delta King 12 15W 1×12″ Combo Amp + UAD Starlight Echo Station
Michael M. from N. Carolina

April 2022
Squier Classic Vibe 60s Thinline Telecaster
Todd F. from Florida

March 2022
Epiphone Slash Les Paul
Greg P. from Minnesota

February 2022
Guild Jetstar
Richard R. from Florida

January 2022
PRS Limited Edition SE P20E Parlor Antique White
Ollie B. from Washington

December 2021
Gretsch guitar, Harmony amp, and pedalboard bundle
Elton V. from North Carolina

November 2021
Fender Jazzmaster and Vox amp
Hannah A. from California

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