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It’s never easy falling out of love. It can be hard to face the reality that the excitement just isn’t there anymore. The same holds for your relationship with your guitar. If you find yourself getting bored and spending less and less time with your six-stringed beauty it may be because there isn’t anything to keep the relationship exciting and fresh.

To keep the intimacy going with your guitar you’ve got to spice things up! If you find that your usual routine with your instrument is pushing you away from it, it’s time for new ideas, experiences, and approaches.

Here are 4 styles you can start learning that will help you fall back in love with your guitar.

Rock Guitar

Rock guitar is considered by many guitarists to be one of the easiest styles to learn. This style of playing doesn’t require the same level of theory comprehension you’d find in jazz or classical. Yet, from the 1950s onward Rock n Roll took over the music scene with its overwhelming popularity. 

Don’t let the simplicity fool you… Rock music utilizes power chords and riffs.

These are relatively simple concepts that have endless applications. This is a great style to learn because you can start at any level and develop a keen understanding without the challenges that come with other styles. It’s also a ton of fun to play along to songs by rock staples like Led Zeppelin and ACDC!

Here’s an introduction to chordal riffs and how they are used in rock music. Explore JamPlay’s guitarist toolkits. 

Country Guitar
Country music is a genre of music that finds its roots in different styles like bluegrass, blues, rock, and jazz. Learning the concepts behind country guitar can bring gratification to your guitar playing because of its rhythmic focus and theory.

Often considered overhyped, don’t be fooled by the theoretical understanding of music and technical ability this genre can have on your guitar playing.

And let’s not forget that country guitar has some of the best licks you can learn!

 Learn how how major and minor pentatonic scale can be used in genres like country with this video lesson from JamPlay. 

Fingerstyle Guitar

Fingerstyle guitar is one of the most unique approaches to guitar out there. If you are used to having a pick in your hand and want to try something completely new fingerstyle is a great way to revolutionize your playing.

With this style, you use your fingers to play rhythm and melody simultaneously. This is something that can be incredibly challenging to do with a pick because of its limitations.

This approach turns the guitar into a completely different instrument and can get your creative juices flowing.

Check out this basic right-hand fingerstyle technique to get you started.

Blues Guitar

This is a style that played a significant role in western guitar. Learning blues guitar can help you develop your understanding of music theory and improve your improvisational skills. If you so dare this you’ll find unique chord progressions and rhythms that you’ll be able to use as a canvas to showcase your knowledge of the fretboard.

Yes, this style can be a little daunting but if you’re willing to give it a shot getting the fundamentals down can be a rewarding experience for you and your guitar.

Ready to take on the blues? Check out this JamPlay lesson on adding chord tones. 

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