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Darkest Hour is an American metal band that has been active since 1995. The band has released a total of 10 studio albums, several EPs, and live recordings, and have toured extensively throughout the world. The band’s high energy and intense stage presence have earned them a reputation as one of the most dynamic live acts in metal. They have shared the stage with some of the biggest names in the genre, including Lamb of God, Machine Head, and At the Gates, and have played at major festivals such as Ozzfest, Wacken Open Air, and Download Festival. Darkest Hour has received critical acclaim for their music. Their albums have consistently received positive reviews from music critics, and they have been nominated for several awards, including a Grammy nomination for Best Metal Performance for their song “In the Wake of Pigs” in 2008.

Here at JamPlay, we were fortunate enough to collaborate with former Darkest Hour guitarist, Kris Norris to get the inside scoop on how to play some of the band’s biggest hits. So, grab your guitar, and let’s shred on some Darkest Hour songs!

“With A Thousand Words To Say But One” – Darkest Hour Song Lesson – JamPlay

With a Thousand Words to Say But One” is the opening track from Darkest Hour’s 2005 album Undoing Ruin. The song features a dynamic mix of heavy riffs, melodic guitar leads, and intense drumming, along with powerful vocals that alternate between clean singing and aggressive screams.

Get ready to learn a fast one – “With a Thousand Words to Say But One” was recorded at 198bpm! For the breakdown of all of the guitar parts from Darkest Hour guitarist, Kris Norris, check out the full lesson on JamPlay.

“Convalescence” – Darkest Hour Song Lesson – JamPlay

Also from Undoing Ruin, “Convalescence” starts with an intro that’s reminiscent of good ‘ole hard rock. As a joke, the members of Darkest Hour used to endearingly refer to this song as “Tommy Lee” in reference to the Mötley Crüe rocker because of the song’s simplistic rock vibe.

In this lesson, Kris Norris shows you how to play all of the guitar parts you may have missed in your first few listens to the song. For the breakdown with tab & notation, check out Kris’ full lesson on JamPlay!

“Tunguska Guitar Solo” – Darkest Hour Song Lesson – JamPlay

Tunguska” comes from the band’s acclaimed 2007 album, Deliver Us, and has an interesting backstory. According to guitarist, Kris Norris, he wrote the guitar solo for this tune entirely in tab before even picking up a guitar to play it. He apparently did this in order to challenge himself with new and difficult techniques.

So, in this lesson, you’ll be focusing only on the guitar solo for “Tunguska.” For the breakdown, including the tab that Kris himself wrote, check out the full lesson on JamPlay.

“Doomsayer (The Beginning Of The End)” – Darkest Hour Song Lesson – JamPlay

Exploring themes of impending doom and societal collapse, “Doomsayer (The Beginning of The End)” kicks off Darkest Hour’s album, Deliver Us. In a dramatic fashion, the song begins with an acoustic guitar intro before progressing to the band’s signature melodic death metal sound, featuring powerful guitar riffs, driving drums, and emotionally charged vocals.

Follow along with Kris Norris in his full “Doomsayer (The Beginning of The End)” guitar lesson on JamPlay!

“Tranquil” – Darkest Hour Song Lesson – JamPlay

Tranquil” is the final track from Darkest Hour’s 2005 Victory Records release, Undoing Ruin, and is anything but what the title suggests. Similar to the band’s other aggressive tracks, this one thrashes just as hard. The song features a solo, which Kris Norris notes is one of his favorites to play.

Follow along as Kris shows you how to play the guitar parts, including his solo from the song “Tranquil.” Watch the full lesson here on JamPlay!

“Demons” – Darkest Hour Song Lesson – JamPlay

The song “Demons” exemplifies Darkest Hour’s ability to delve into the complexities of the human condition through their music. From their 2007 album, Deliver Us, this track is featured in the HBO television show, True Blood, and can also be played as a track in the video game, Guitar Hero 5.

In this lesson from Kris Norris, you can learn to play “Demons” note-for-note on a real guitar! Check out the full lesson here on JamPlay.

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