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If you’ve ever listened to classic hits radio, you’ve probably heard music by Cream. In fact, if you’ve ever walked into a Guitar Center at the right time, or seen the 1990 film, Goodfellas, you’ve probably also heard music by Cream. Consisting of prodigy players, Jack Bruce, Ginger Baker, and Eric Clapton (formerly of The Yardbirds), this British power trio achieved timeless success in its three-year-long existence. Cream released four albums, toured globally, and penned some of the most recognizable blues rock songs of the late ’60s. In 1993, the band was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. And in 2006, they were awarded a GRAMMY Lifetime Achievement Award for their influence on contemporary music.

So, if you’re a guitar player, you are probably already familiar with some of Cream’s popular riffs. Keep reading to learn how you can get some of their biggest hits under your fingers!

“Sunshine Of Your Love” – Cream Song Lesson – JamPlay

When we mentioned entering a Guitar Center and hearing Cream, this is the song we were talking about. “Sunshine Of Your Love” is easily one of the most recognizable psychedelic blues rock songs. As mentioned in our 5 Famous Guitar Parts blog, the song’s iconic riff was inspired by a Jimi Hendrix concert that bassist, Jack Bruce attended. The public heard “Sunshine Of Your Love” at first on Cream’s 1967 album, Disraeli Gears. Cream later released it as a single due to popular demand. By the end of 1968, the RIAA certified the song Platinum. Unsurprisingly, it also peaked at No. 5 on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart that same year. Today, “Sunshine Of Your Love” is deemed one of the most influential guitar songs ever. Rolling Stone magazine even ranked it No. 65 on its “500 Greatest Songs of All Time” list.

In this preview of Chris Buono’s “Sunshine Of Your Love” lesson, you’ll get a sneak peak at all of the guitar parts heard on the song. For a breakdown of all of the parts with tab and notation, check out Chris’ full lesson on JamPlay!

“White Room” – Song Lesson – JamPlay

White Room,” which debuted in 1967, became nearly as influential as “Sunshine Of Your Love.” This song is characterized by Eric Clapton’s wah-wah lead guitar lines, Ginger Baker’s timpani rhythms, and Jack and Ginger’s superimposed 5/4 meter intro section. Since the song’s release, countless artists, including other famous ones, have covered “White Room.”

In this lesson from Stuart Ziff, you’ll learn all of the guitar parts on “White Room” as they appear on the record. For the breakdown of all the parts, check out Stuart’s full lesson on JamPlay!

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