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The holidays are right around the corner and if you’re worrying about what to get for the musicians in your life then fear no more, because musicians always want something. Obviously, buying someone the guitar of their dreams will simultaneously drain your bank account and win their undying affection, but there are plenty of other options that are just as appreciated to help keep the music playing.

    1. Picks
      Picks are made for the sole purpose of being lost. They escape into separate dimensions of time and space and there is no hope of finding them. So if you want to help a guitarist out, get them as many picks as you can. Martin makes some nice picks for a very reasonable price and will be greatly appreciated by anyone who loses as many picks as I do.
    2. Strings
      Strings are one of those hidden costs of music that nobody talks about. Before buying strings as a gift, make sure to find out what kind of strings the person you have in mind prefers. For the best deals on strings, hit up and you’ll find no shortage of choices.
    3. Cables
      Again, we’re looking at the mundane side of music that actually goes a long way to help make the life of a musician easier. Guitarists lose cables as often as they lose picks, so gifting a good pack of ¼ inch instrument cables will be a godsend for any musician to unwrap. Orange makes their own high quality cables that will make any guitarist’s day to receive.
    4. Starter Guitars
      You’ve talked it over with your kid and you’re 90% sure they’re committed to learning guitar. But you don’t want to go and drop a bunch of money on something they might give up in a month, or possibly even damage. Turn to the Baby Taylor BT-1. These acoustic guitars are well made and easy to play, perfect for beginners. Worst case scenario, if your kid doesn’t want to keep playing they have great resale value. For your electric-minded prospective players that want a Les Paul but you’re not willing to put down $1,500 dollars,  Epiphone  (which is to Gibson what Chevrolet is General Motors) makes very high quality guitars that are durable and great for beginners.
    5. Starter Amps
      What good is a guitar if you can’t hear it? The right amp can make the life of a beginner guitarist much easier and, if chosen correctly, can last them years before they’ll need an upgrade. Take my advice, get something simple and effective. A lot of amps nowadays come with a gazillion effects that
      you’ll almost never use. Marshall’s MG15R is a perfect beginner amp for any guitarist wanting to go the classic, hard rock route. The Orange Crush 20RT is also a great choice and frankly will make any beginner at least look like a professional. These amps are no joke and with 20 watts of power they’d even be good for small gigs.

They say it’s the thought that counts, and when it comes to gear that’s true. Most musicians have to contend with some extent of self-doubt. By getting them a meaningful, useful guitar gift for the holidays, you’re supporting them both physically and emotionally and that means more than anything. 

That first guitar can set them on a path in life they’ll never regret, so make it count.

Photos by ROMBO from Pexels

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