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We’ve all been there — life gets hectic and your guitar takes a back seat. Maybe it’s sitting in your room. Or next to your desk. Or hangin on the wall. Time starts to go by and you regularly think to yourself, “I should really play soon.” But soon never seems to come. 

That’s why we selected these 5 “bite-sized” lessons so you can grab your guitar, blow off the dust, and get back to playing again. Each lesson is under 15 minutes, so whether you are on your lunch break, waiting for dinner to be ready, or just have a couple spare minutes, you can get to learning a quick new concept to get you back in the practicing groove.

C Runs

Lesson #9 from the course Bluegrass Rhythm Survival Guide with Tyler Grant

In this lesson, Tyler will show you around some of the most common runs in bluegrass music- “C runs.” This set of runs is a little different, in that we have no open string to use for our root note. This is a great lesson if you are looking to expand your bluegrass playing.  See Lesson >

Riff in the Style of Bon Jovi

Lesson #8 from the course Rock Guitar for Beginners with Will Ripley

With this lesson, Will is back with another classic sounding riff! This riff is a great exercise that gets you using your fingers on more than one string, and improves on your chromatic movement. Jump into this lesson to get back into your rock playing!  See Lesson >

Phrasing – Dynamics

Lesson #15 from the course Secrets of Melodic Rock Guitar with Irene Ketikidi

For this lesson, Irene shows you that dynamics can be a key component to becoming expressive with your melodies. You will learn to apply some dynamic expressive techniques using your fingers to the work with the melodies. Try this out to get some more phrasing in your rock playing!  See Lesson >

Percussion 1

Lesson #13 from the course Adventures in Fingerstyle with Maneli Jamal

Maneli will show you that the acoustic guitar is basically a big wooden box. So it makes sense that it sounds pretty good as a drum! Learn how and where to hit this “drum” with what Maneli will talk about in this lesson. Then, get some basic exercises that will get you on your way to using the guitar as a percussion instrument!  See Lesson >

Melodic Sequences

Lesson #15 from the course Learning to Lead with Dave Isaacs

In this lesson, Dave asks, “What is a melodic sequence?” Together, you will explore the concept by looking closely at note groupings, and using repetitive sequences to organize melodic ideas. This lesson will help with your lead blues playing!  See Lesson >

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