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If you have a guitar player in your life, and you’re wondering what to get them, you’re in luck because guitar players love new gear and accessories to go along with their instrument. Below you’ll find 10 gifts under $50 that the guitar player in your life is sure to love.

Suction Cup Smartphone Holder for Acoustic, Electric, or Classical Guitar

Price: $22.99 at Reverb


Smartphone technology has revolutionized so many aspects of our lives, from communication to productivity. Guitar playing is no exception. With apps for recording, tuning a guitar, or simply displaying a guitar player’s favorite guitar tabs, it can be a hassle to try to position the phone just right to be able to see the screen. With this super convenient smartphone holder that attaches to the face of the guitar with a suction cup, looking at the phone screen while playing becomes a breeze.


Snark ST-8 Super Tight Clip-On Chromatic Tuner

Price: $13.99 at Reverb

During a performance, it can be really frustrating to discover the guitar is out of tune. It can also be a real challenge to tune a guitar in a loud environment. But with this clip-on tuner, a guitar player can quickly, easily, and accurately tune their guitar by just playing the strings, letting the tuner sense the vibrations, and tightening or loosening the string according to the tuner’s instructions. 

Dunlop Microphone Stand Pick Holder

Price: $3.49 at Reverb

It’s pretty common to drop the pick in the midst of a performance, but this mic stand pick holder makes replacing the pick easy and convenient. With the ability to hold up to 6 picks, the guitar player in your life will thank you for solving this common frustration.

HQMaster Guitar Pick Punch Pick Maker

Price: $25.94 at Reverb


When a guitar player runs out of guitar picks, there’s a more convenient solution than having to drop everything and drive to the music store to buy more. With this guitar pick puncher, any piece of thin plastic can be turned into a guitar pick in a flash.





Marshall MS-2 Micro Stack Amp

Price: $49.99 at Reverb

For the electric guitar player in your life, this small practice amp makes playing on the go fun and convenient. Modeled after one of Marshall’s more popular guitar amps, this amp has both clean and overdrive tone capabilities.


Martin Suede Acoustic Guitar Strap 

Price: $32 at Reverb

For the acoustic guitar player in your life, this guitar strap is solidly constructed, and Martin is one of the top brands in the acoustic guitar market. The strap is made from genuine suede leather and features an embossed C. F. Martin logo. 

2020 Parlor Acoustic Collectible Holiday Ornament

Price: $24.99 at Reverb

Modeled after Paul Reed Smith’s popular Parlor acoustic guitar and handmade from solid wood, this ornament will make an excellent addition to any guitar player’s holiday tree or even to display all year round. The ornament is intricately designed with all the details you’d expect from this top-of-the-line guitar maker.


Taylor Crelicam Ebony Guitar Slide

Price: $19.99 at Reverb

This ebony guitar slide from Taylor Guitars is a warm-sounding alternative to glass and metal guitar slides. This is a great gift for any guitar player that enjoys more bluesy or country steel guitar styles.

Guitar Tablature Manuscript Paper

Price: $6.89 at Reverb

For the guitar player in your life that enjoys creating original guitar music, this is a perfect gift that will be extremely useful. With both music staffs, guitar tab lines, and chord chart diagrams, a guitar player can record original ideas on paper to remember later or transcribe for other players.

Dunlop Guitar Pick Variety Pack

Price: $3.79 at Amazon

Guitar picks are a necessity for almost any guitar player, but the choice of guitar pick is unique to each player. With a variety pack, you can’t go wrong because it will give the guitar player in your life the opportunity to try out a few different picks to see what they like best.



Ready for some guitar love? Drop a hint for someone to treat you with a JamPlay gift card or treat yourself. 

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