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What Type of Guitar Strings Should I Use?

What Type of Guitar Strings Should I Use?

Wondering what type of guitar strings you should use? Take a look at our breakdown depending on what type of player YOU are!

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The Star Spangled Banner Guitar Lesson

The Star Spangled Banner Guitar Lesson

Celebrate Independence Day by learning "The Star Spangled Banner" on guitar! Here's a FREE lesson from JamPlay educator, David MacKenzie.

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David Isaacs’ Blues Roadtrip Guitar Course

David Isaacs' Blues Roadtrip guitar course is perfect for beginners looking for the next step! Learn more here with a FREE guitar lesson.

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3 Beatles Songs to Learn on Guitar (Global Beatles Day)

Did you know June 25 is Global Beatles Day? Today we are celebrating by sharing 3 Beatles songs you can learn on guitar. Let't get started!

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Famous Guitar Parts

5 Famous Guitar Parts To Learn This Summer

Some songs are most recognizable because of their infectious guitar melodies. Here are 5 famous, catchy guitar parts to learn this summer!

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60% OFF JamPlay Annual Memberships

Welcome to our Super Summer Solstice Giveaway! This month, we're hooking one lucky winner up with a complete guitar setup. Enter to win now!

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4 Types of Guitars You’ll See on Stage

Some guitarists play rhythm. Some play lead melodies and licks. Here are 4 types of guitars you'll see on the stage and how they're used!

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6 Famous Guitar Pedals You Should Know

Though many stomp boxes have found their fame, a few have made more 'noise' than others. Here are 6 famous guitar pedals you should know!

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4 Best Electric Blues Guitar Players Ever

Chuck Berry, Albert King, Jimi Hendrix, and Stevie Ray Vaughan are four of the best electric blues guitar players of all time...

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Holiday Giveaway: Win This HUGE Bundle of Guitar Gear

This giveaway ended on January 2, 2022. Congrats to the winner of the whole gear bundle valued at $2,600+!

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Learn Guitar from the Best: A JamPlay Commercial

If you’re gonna learn guitar, why not learn from the best? The best players and the best instructors.

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2021 JamPlay Membership Updates

A few updates and new membership perks that are coming to JamPlay this holiday season — more courses, more Song Lessons, more features!

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