The Runaways Song Lesson Playlist

There’s no denying that the 1970s were all about rock ‘n’ roll. Though the genre was largely dominated by male musicians, there were a few brightly shining exceptions to the rule. The Runaways, an all-female band from Los Angeles, became a much-hyped rock group after their 1975 debut. Over the years, the band notably consisted of members, Joan Jett (rhythm guitar), Sandy West (drums), Cherie Currie (singer), Lita Ford (lead guitar) and Jackie Fox (bass). Though the band never quite amassed a fervent following in the U.S., they did find incredible success over seas. Japan, in particular, had a soft spot for The Runaways, and lent to the band’s only chart-topping hit.

Here to teach you how to play some of their biggest hits is The Runaways’ lead guitarist, herself, Lita Ford! Let’s start jamming!

“Cherry Bomb” by The Runaways – Song Lesson – JamPlay

We mentioned The Runaways had a No. 1 hit, right? According to Cherie Currie, “Cherry Bomb” was written hastily in order to audition her to be the singer of the group. Little did they know this would be their most notable hit as a band. Though it almost broke into Billboard’s U.S. Hot 100, the song peaked at the top of the charts in Japan in 1976.

In this lesson, former The Runaways’ guitarist, Lita Ford shows you how to play “Cherry Bomb” the way she played it on stages across the world. Check out the whole song’s breakdown here on JamPlay!

“Waitin’ For The Night” by The Runaways – Song Lesson – JamPlay

Waitin’ For The Night” was the title track from The Runaways’ 1977 album, which featured the band as a quartet after the departure of singer, Cherie Currie. The song largely consists of an open chord riff and some perfect fifth rock rhythms. You may have to get your hybrid picking hand ready for this one!

In this lesson, Lita Ford shows you how she played this track with The Runaways during her time with the band. Check out the full breakdown on JamPlay!


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