Stranger Things Season 4: Eddie's Guitar

SPOILER ALERT: If you have NOT watched the fourth season of the Netflix Original series, Stranger Things (but you intend to), stop reading this! If you have decided to keep reading, you are officially part of the Hellfire Club!

All jokes aside, this article is focused on the “Stranger Things guitar” that’s had arguably more eyes on it than any other guitar in 2022. In Stranger Things‘ Season 4, we are introduced to the charismatic D&D club dungeon master, Eddie Munson. His character becomes integral to the story after he witnesses the horrible disfiguration of his fellow Hawkins High School peer, Chrissy, as she falls prey to Vecna’s curse. Aside from his contributions to the plot, we also discover that Eddie is an apt guitar player. In fact, later in the season, he helps save the day by playing a rendition of Metallica‘s “Master of Puppets.”

But that guitar… what was that thing? As it turns out, Stranger Things partnered with the guitar company, B.C. Rich. This led to the commissioning of a special edition of B.C. Rich’s Warlock model just for the show. So, let’s take a closer look at this heroic Upside Down axe!

Eddie’s B.C. Rich NJ Warlock Guitar

B.C. Rich NJ Warlock
B.C. Rich Website

This is the Stranger Things guitar. It’s Eddie’s version of the NJ Warlock from B.C. Rich, and it comes in “Relic Crackle” (shown above) and “Liquid Black.” Needless to say, if this thing had blood, there would be heavy metal coursing through it.

The guitar features an alder body, maple neck, and ebony fretboard. These medium-to-bright sounding woods, combined with dual DiMarzio D Activator humbucker pickups make this guitar extremely qualified to handle high-gain crunch. And, in true metal fashion, this guitar features a locking tremolo bridge with an accompanying Floyd Rose R3 locking nut. So, get ready to take some downright terrifying tremolo dives all the way to the Upside Down.

Other Notable Players & More

Not inspired by Eddie’s performance? There are some other notable players of the B.C. Rich Warlock! Kerry King (Slayer), Chris Poland (Megadeth), Paul Stanley (Kiss), Robb Flynn (Machine Head), and Nikki Sixx (Mötley Crüe) have all favorited this axe at some point in their careers. Another fact about the Warlock is that it was designed in 1969 by the company’s founder, Bernardo Chavez Rico. Interested in learning more, or grabbing one of these limited edition guitar for yourself? Check out the official listing on B.C. Rich’s website!


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