Rob Garland’s Essential Blues Chord Voicings: Free Course Samples!

Unleash the Soulful Sound of Blues Chords with Rob Garland in “Essential Blues Chord Voicings,” an exclusive online guitar course available only on TrueFire, produced in collaboration with JamPlay. Designed for guitarists of all levels, this course is your gateway to mastering the foundational chord voicings that define the rich and emotive sound of the blues.

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Through 38 in-depth lessons, you’ll learn a variety of chord shapes, voicings, inversions, and progressions that will add depth and color to your blues playing. From classic 12-bar blues progressions to jazz-infused blues chords, this course covers a wide range of styles and variations. You’ll explore dominant 7th chords, bluesy extensions, essential blues turnarounds, and more. With practical examples, play-along exercises, and insightful explanations, you’ll develop the skills to create authentic and expressive blues chord progressions.

TrueFire’s interactive learning platform ensures an immersive and engaging experience. High-definition video lessons, on-screen chord diagrams, and supplemental practice materials make it easy to follow along and reinforce your understanding of each concept. You’ll have the flexibility to learn at your own pace, revisit lessons as needed, and track your progress as you build your chord vocabulary. Elevate your blues guitar playing with “Essential Blues Chord Voicings.” Unlock the secrets of soulful blues chords, infuse your playing with authenticity, and captivate listeners with your mastery of blues progressions. Enroll today and discover the transformative power of blues chord voicings.

Free Course Samples

A7 Funky 12 Bar Blues – 2nd Position

8 Bar Open Blues Position

Bb7 Funky 12 Bar Blues

Blues 7sus9

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