Play Guitar Like Albert King

Albert King‘s guitar-playing style was a force to be reckoned with. He was one of the Three Kings of Blues, after all. King’s playing was characterized by his impeccable phrasing, searing bends, and expressive vibrato. His unique approach incorporated a combination of fluid single-note runs and powerful string bends, creating a signature sound that impacted generations of guitarists. Albert King’s influence can be heard in the playing of icons such as Stevie Ray Vaughan and Jimi Hendrix, both of whom acknowledged King as a significant inspiration. King’s mastery of the instrument, combined with his ability to infuse each note with raw emotion, revolutionized blues guitar playing. Even today, his legacy continues to shape the way guitarists approach the instrument.

In other words, if you are learning blues guitar, why wouldn’t you want to pick up a few tips from one of the all-time greats? Luckily, JamPlay’s top educators have distilled the techniques of legendary guitarists like Albert King into interactive lessons that will take your playing to the next level. Keep reading to check out some free Albert King guitar lessons!

Albert King Guitar Lick #1:

In this lesson, DJ Phillips shows you how to play a lick you may have heard before! This impassioned blues lick was a favorite of Albert King’s, who would play it on his infamous Flying V guitar. Get ready to practice some intense string bends and fierce vibrato.

Guitar Lick #2:

Moving on to our second Albert King guitar lick, this one is incredibly versatile. In fact, you can hear Albert King using this in all kinds of situations in his playing. Get ready to practice some pull-offs and faster phrasing. To end the lick, you can use some of the vigorous vibrato you practiced in the last lesson to really give it that Albert King feel.

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