Nathan Whitney's Flying Solo: Modern Country Guitar Course

You’ve gotten your country guitar rhythm chops down, and now you’re interested in learning to play lead. But taking a solo at any gig seems daunting at this point. You know some skills and have some favorite guitar players in mind. Where do you begin learning to play like them? The answer is: at the beginning like all of your favorite guitar heroes.

Luckily, you’ve got one of the best country guitar teachers anyone could ask for. In his course, Flying Solo: Modern Country, Nathan Whitney (right-hand guitar player to country music star, Thomas Rhett) shows you how you can take your fundamental knowledge and apply it to learning how to solo for country guitar.

About the Course:

One of the best ways to learn a guitar solo is to break it down step by step. That is exactly how Nathan Whitney guides you in his course, Flying Solo: Modern Country. By practicing individual licks, then connecting them, you’ll play your way through three distinct guitar solos.

Throughout the course, you’ll get a feel for different styles of lead country guitar. Each of the three solos is rooted in Classic Country, Urban Melodies, and Country Fried Rock, respectively. Honing techniques such as double stops, hybrid picking, alternate picking, and string bending will be crucial for learning these rockin’ solos!


Try it out!

Here’s an example of one of the solos you’ll be learning with Nathan Whitney. For the full JamPlay course, complete with individual guitar lick breakdowns, guitar tab, notation, & jam tracks, check out Nathan Whintey’s Flying Solo: Modern Country!


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