How to Play Guitar Like Bob Dylan

If you write songs, or have ever wanted to write music, at least part of your learning should include a deep dive into the mind of Bob Dylan. Not only is he known for his folk-driven style of performing, Bob Dylan is also considered one of the greatest songwriting minds ever. For over 60 years, Bob Dylan has written music, spread messages of peace and justice, and stirred up controversy all the while. As Dylan started making a name for himself in the early 1960s, it became apparent to all who were paying attention that he was a voice for the civil rights and anti-war movements. His status as a politically active figure became even more apparent when he walked off the set of The Ed Sullivan Show after the shows directors aimed to censor Dylan’s song, “Talkin’ John Birch Paranoid Blues.”

Despite any controversy he incited, Bob Dylan’s poetically delivered messages made him a hero to many. In addition to his ten GRAMMY Awards and multiple Hall of Fame inductions, Dylan was also awarded some of the highest honors for being a positive influence on society. Some of these include the Presidential Medal of Freedom and a Kennedy Center Honor.

Bob Dylan’s guitar playing and writing style can be best described as folk music. In fact, many of his early popular tunes paid homage to the traditional folk music which inspired him. Let’s take a look at a folk guitar lesson from JamPlay educator, Charlie Stevens which breaks down how to play a popular chordal guitar lick used by Bob Dylan, himself.

Bob Dylan Guitar Lesson:

Get ready to practice some fingerstyle guitar with this lesson! You’ll be fingerpicking this whole lick, and practicing some chordal hammer-ons and pull-offs. Bob Dylan may not be famous for having prodigy-level guitar skills, he did have a style that’s been emulated far and wide. In this lesson from Charlie Stevens, you’ll learn a guitar turnaround in the key of G. This particular lick is ubiquitous in folk guitar playing; getting this lick under your fingers will help you on your way to emulating Bob Dylan’s guitar style.

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