David Isaacs' Blues Roadtrip Guitar Course

So, you’ve been playing guitar for a few months (or however long) and you a have a good understanding of the basics. But now, you’re interested in carving out a more focused path for yourself. You keep hearing that most modern popular music is derived, in some fashion, from the Blues. But what is the Blues and where did it come from? How can I play the Blues? David Isaacs helps elucidate the answers to those questions for you in his new JamPlay guitar course, Blues Roadtrip.

About the Course:


The course’s concept is simple: David Isaacs takes you on a Blues “road trip” to parts of the world where different sub-genres of Blues music were born. The Mississippi Delta, Chicago, Memphis, New Orleans, Texas, and even Great Britain are all places that birthed their own microcosms of Blues music.

Along the way, David introduces you to integral Blues guitar concepts and techniques such as open & barre chords, string bending, single-note melodies, and more. This course is perfect for guitar players who are relatively new, but already have some core guitar paying concepts under their fingers.


Try it out!

But don’t just take it from us. Here’s a free lesson from David’s course. In this lesson, David performs and breaks down a lick based on a groove you would hear in the Mississippi Delta – considered to be the original birthplace of Blues music. For the full course, complete with tab, notation, & jam tracks, check out David Isaacs’ Blues Roadtrip guitar course on JamPlay!


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