Chords, Scales, Theory

Guitar Practice: Conscious Repetition

Repetition practice is important, but don't forget the other part of the equation. To be an…

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Another Way to Think About Guitar Modes

Thinking of each guitar mode or scale as a variation defined by one or two note changes can make it…

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Navigating The Grid

Having a grasp of the fretboard's layout is paramount to playing fluid solos and improvising on…

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Power Chords - Featured

Get More Power From Your Power Chords!

Knowing why your guitar power chords sound "powerful" is important. Read more to discover how you…

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JamPlay Learning Paths Featured

JamPlay’s Learning Paths – The Best Way to Learn Guitar

Can't find the right way to learn guitar? Introducing JamPlay's Learning Paths! Follow the…

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Music Theory Madness: Video

Music theory can be intimidating. You feel like it's all connected...but how? JamPlay can help!

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Play Outside of the Box With Open Tunings

Standard tuning is, well, standard. It provides incredible versatility and simplicity, but if it is…

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Bends, Slides & Hammer Ons

After a long stretch working on your guitar skills, you finally feel like you are starting to…

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Music Theory for New Guitarists

When you’re beginning to learn how to play guitar, it’s a good idea to get a basic grasp of music…

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3 Ways to Effortlessly Transition Chords: Guitar 101

In order to effortlessly transition chords you need to do 3 things. In this JamPlay lesson, Orville…

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