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Organizing Your Guitar Practice Time

Do you struggle with organizing your guitar practice time? Having a simple method of categorizing…

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Three Tips for the Discouraged Adult Guitarist

3 Tips For the Discouraged Adult Guitarist

Every player gets frustrated and stuck once in a while, even adult guitarists. But you don't have…

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5 Tips For Sitting In (On A Jam Session)

Have you ever been called onstage to play a song with another band? Do you know what it takes to be…

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Jerry Garcia and His Bluegrass-Influenced Picking

Jerry Garcia is one of the most recognizable players in rock history. Here, we take a look at his…

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Restarting practice after an injury

Accidents happen and hands get hurt. But once the doctor gives the ok for you to practice again…

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Play More of the Music by Playing Solo Guitar

If you’re like many guitarists, you likely do most of your playing alone. Solo guitar arrangements…

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Guitar Resolutions for the New Year

Have you made musical resolutions this year? Here are three simple ideas you can adopt to take your…

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Guitar Practice: Touch and Tone

The best players have a recognizable tone no matter what instrument they play, proof positive that…

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Triads and Melody

Triads are chords in their simplest form. Many of the great riffs in the classic rock canon are…

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JamPlay’s Holiday Guitar Gift Guide 2022

Find the cool guitar gift or music gizmo that’s just right for you, a friend, or a family member!…

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