Callum Bair's Advanced Guitar Theory Course

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So, you feel like you’re pretty good at playing the guitar now. You’ve learned some of your favorite songs, playing solos and chords are coming to you more naturally, and maybe you’re even part of a band. BUT… something is missing. There’s some extra component to your favorite guitarists’ playing that is lacking in your own. What is that missing piece? Chances are, you’ve limited yourself to certain scales, chord progressions, modes, and cadences that are generally more accessible to beginners.

Luckily, Callum Bair’s Advanced Guitar Theory course is here to help you get over the plateau! Let’s take a look at some fresh ways to take your guitar playing to the next level.

About the Course:

Modes, chord extensions, and chord substitutions are just a few advanced music theory concepts that beginner and intermediate musicians often have difficulty grasping. In this course, Callum Bair helps you make sense of these concepts and more by breaking down and simplifying the theory behind each one. Grab your guitar, and let’s learn about some of the fundamentals in Advanced Guitar Theory.

Try out a chord extensions guitar lesson from the course!

In this lesson, take your first steps toward understanding chord extensions. First, Callum refreshes us on what types of triads we find in major and minor keys. Next, Callum shows us how to play 7th chords on the guitar, and breaks down the different types of 7th chords.

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