Bumblefoot Song Lesson Playlist

Bumblefoot is the stage name of Ron Thal, an American guitarist, songwriter, and producer. Born in 1969 in Brooklyn, New York, Bumblefoot is known for his technical and experimental approach to guitar playing guitar. He incorporates elements of rock, metal, funk, and other genres into his energetic brand of music.

Bumblefoot first gained recognition in the late 1990s as a guitarist for Guns N’ Roses, joining the band in 2006 and staying with them until 2014. He has also released several solo albums, including The Adventures of Bumblefoot and Abnormal, and has collaborated with many other notable musicians and bands throughout his career. In addition to his guitar playing, Bumblefoot is also a skilled producer and arranger; these are roles he’s taken when working on albums for other artists.

Fortunately for us at JamPlay, we were able to work directly with Bumblefoot to produce guitar lessons for some of his most notable songs. Let’s dive right into some Bumblefoot songs!

“Guitars Suck!” – Bumblefoot Song Lesson – JamPlay

Originally written in 1998 and titled, “Holland,” the song “Guitars Suck!” is said to have been meant for an instructional masterclass Ron was teaching. The title comes from a phone call Ron received during which a luthier friend of his exclaimed, “Dude, guitars suck!” This song is technically challenging to perform. Each beat is subdivided by 5, you’ll need to take your time when learning this odd-numbered rhythm. Additionally, this song will require you to pick and tap strings (including with a metal thimble you must wear on your picking hand pinky)!

In this lesson, Bumblefoot himself shows you how to play the whole song. For the breakdown with tab & notation, check out his full lesson on JamPlay!

“Guitars Still Suck!” – Song Lesson – JamPlay

Guitars Still Suck!” is said to have been inspired by Ron’s friend, Guthrie Govan, who released a similar song. This tune was Bumblefoot’s “response” to his friend’s song. This is another technically challenging song to learn. Be prepared to practice your hybrid picking and tapping. It also wouldn’t hurt to have a fretless guitar attached to your six-string!

Follow along as Ron shows you how to play “Guitars Still Suck!” note-for-note. Get the full breakdown on JamPlay!

“Spaghetti” – Bumblefoot Song Lesson – JamPlay

Consider “Spaghetti” a respite from the first two lessons in this blog (in terms of technical difficulty). According to Ron, he needed a title for this track before releasing his Abnormal album. Because of its spaghetti western-sound-esque sound, he decided to publish it with its placeholder name, “Spaghetti!”

In this lesson, Ron teaches you how to play this track guitar track from start to finish. Get the tab & notation on JamPlay!

“Vomit” – Song Lesson – JamPlay

Lastly, here’s a Bumblefoot track that was a response to an overbearing record company: “Vomit.” According to Ron, he wrote this song because his record company told him he needed to write less “edgy” lyrics. Ron deemed that bodily functions were still fair game, and thus he created this interesting track. Learning how to play “Vomit” will come as a challenge, according to Ron, because it contains a decent amount of hybrid picking.

Luckily, Bumblefoot himself will walk you through each note until you can play this guitar masterpiece. Get the full lesson on JamPlay!

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