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Tuesdays are a magical day. The slated sky has been wiped clear and all that remains is a brilliant azure. The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and the world is at last at peace. You may be wondering what grandeur fills this amazing day. No, it’s not date night, nor board game night, not even our weekly dungeons and dragons LARP session; something much better fills these hallowed hours. For Tuesday, you see, is the day in which a new episode of Strummin’ with Steve descends on a chariot of fire from the black of space and graces our meager planet with it’s presence. Guitar knowledge from the heavens spoken with the crystalline tongue of Steve Eulberg. In this episode he talks about the C major chord and how it can be used with the hammer-on and palm muting techniques. These lessons are very important because they reinforce the understanding that making the guitar sound cool does not always require placing speed or a rapid crescendo of hand movement.

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