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Steve and Billy Idol.
Steve and Billy Idol.

Steve Stevens’ main gig is playing guitar with Billy Idol. However, he also played with many famous singers including Michael Jackson and Vince Neil.

You may have seen him on the E! show Married to Rock with his wife Josie Stevens (that’s a picture of her on his guitar).

Steve did guitar course for JamPlay in which he teaches all this tips, tricks, and secrets he’s learned throughout his 30+ years as a professional guitarist.

He also taught 4 popular songs that he helped write and one of those is of course “Rebel Yell”.

Below is a clip of Steve teaching the intro guitar riff. And below the video you’ll find the tabs.

And of course…if you still don’t know how JamPlay can help you become a better guitarist you need to click this. (after you watch the video of course!)

Guitar Tab For Rebel Yell Intro:

Bonus For Blog Readers: Full Backing Track

Click here to download the backing track for Rebel Yell

Don’t forget to leave a comment below. Tell me what you think and what you need help with on guitar. And definitely let me know what you think of this lesson.

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