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If you have kids (or you haven’t been living under a rock) you’ve probably heard “Let it Go” from the Disney movie Frozen.

Many awesome guitar cover versions have been released on YouTube since the songs popularity exploded…from solo acoustic to shred metal and almost every style in-between.

But, I noticed there wasn’t an instrumental rock guitar version so I enlisted JamPlay instructor Chris Liepe to make one.

Here is the Let It Go Guitar Cover:

Learn how to play Let It Go

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Below you’ll find our exclusive guitar tab, chords, and backing track for “Let It Go”.

Let It Go Guitar Tab

Click here to download Let It Go guitar tab

Let It Go Chords

Click here to download Let It Go guitar chords

Let It Go Guitar Pro

Click here to download the Guitar Pro file for Let It Go

Let It Go Backing Track

Click here to download the Let It Go backing track

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