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Are you ready to rock? Even if you’ve never touched a guitar, JamPlay™ will have you rocking out in no time. JamPlay™ is the fastest growing guitar and bass lesson platform on the web, with over 4,000 hours of instructional videos recorded by more than 70 teachers.

For less than the price of a Guitar Hero® set, you can get a membership to JamPlay™ and start playing your favorite rock tunes or even writing your own! JamPlay™’s lessons are flexible, yet focused, and can provide players of any level with the skills they need to take their musicianship to the next level.

One of the coolest features of JamPlay™ is that it offers well-organized series of lessons so that you can learn specific skills or styles, including rock guitar and bass. Rock is the most influential genre of music today, and if you want to learn to play the guitar, chances are you want to rock!

JamPlay™’s rock series provides an introduction to rock guitar, as well as major subgenres of rock like progressive (“prog”) rock and pop. With nearly 200 rock guitar and bass lessons from 7 different teachers, JamPlay™ covers everything you need to know to start rocking out. Instructors have decades of experience in the industry playing live shows, working in the working studio, and teaching in the classroom.

To learn the basics, Brad Henecke’s series on rock guitar distills knowledge he has learned from nearly 40 years of playing. In 54 videos that provide over 15 hours of lessons, Brad will walk you through the essentials of guitar like basic chords and scales, building on your skills to teach you your first song, “Hotel California.” As Brad’s series progresses, you’ll learn how to play power chords, advanced scales, harmonics, and also how to work with alternate tunings and use gear and effects.

Matt Brown will help you expand upon skills you learn from Brad. His collection of 44 videos contains exercises on how to improve your technique and how to make the most of your practice time. And with killer chops as a classical guitarist, Matt will even give you a lesson in string skipping by learning Heitor Villa-Lobos’ Etude No. 1.

Want to learn how to solo? Matt introduces you to the art of the rock solo by breaking down famous solos from songs like “Sweet Child O’ Mine” (Guns n’ Roses), “Today” (Smashing Pumpkins), “Back In Black” (AC/DC), and “Brother” (Alice in Chains). Matt also covers three different approaches to playing solo guitar so that you can start to create your own unique sound as a soloist.

Lauren Passarelli can teach you the basics of pop and classic rock, as well as more advanced topics like alternative chord voicings, writing your own arrangements, production techniques, and how to put music theory into practice.

Lauren was the first woman to join the Berklee College of Music’s guitar faculty in 1984, and the first woman to become full professor of guitar at Berklee in 2009. With two decades of teaching experience at the university level, not to mention that Lauren is Berklee’s resident expert on The Beatles, Lauren’s videos on JamPlay™ offer you some of the best training you can receive anywhere, but without the student loans!

JamPlay™ constantly adds new videos to its extensive library. So, you never need to worry about running out of new material to learn. And, with JamChat, you can receive live, interactive lessons 7 days a week. There are over 8 hours of live sessions daily from JamPlay™’s professional instructors available to all members.

JamPlay™ also allows you to connect to other musicians in its growing community across the globe. Create a JamPlay™ profile, add friends, chat live, and exchange ideas on forums. So pick up your axe, log on, and rock out with over 300,000 people already learning from JamPlay™!

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