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The inspiration to play guitar can come from anywhere. But for many of us, we were simply blown away by the guitar idols of our youth and always wanted to play just like them. From Jimi Hendrix to Eric Clapton, Chuck Berry to Duane Allman and Joan Jett — the artists who influenced us the most ALL had signature sounds and playing techniques that we can learn from.

This month, we’re teaching you how to play like your idols at JamPlay. We have a ton of guitar lessons that focus on specific skills associated with the artists we all know and love. Let’s get started!


We unlocked a few lessons to get you started.

Duane Allman

He single-handedly created the quintessential slide guitar sound that influenced a generation. Learn his technique.

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Eddie Van Halen

Everybody wants power chords! We’ll start by looking at Eddie’s rhythm playing, specifically his use of open position power chords.

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Albert King

It’s important to listen to and emulate the masters in order to understand blues language. Start with this legendary bluesman.

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