Summer Music Festival

The world of live music is opening back up and for those of us who love outdoor concerts and music festivals, it’s VERY exciting. So this month at JamPlay, we are celebrating our very own Summer Music Festival. Let’s explore some fun and inspiring guitar lessons that focus on Jam Band greats, iconic Rock solos, Bluegrass, Jazz, improvisation and more. Get started with a few of our favorite courses featured below!


We unlocked a few lessons to get you started.

30 Iconic Licks of the Jam Band Greats

Michael Palmisano explores the most iconic licks in the Jam Band genre, inspired by guitarists such as Trey Anastasio, Warren Haynes, Jimmy Herring, and Jerry Garcia. Practice what you learn over JamTracks!

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Bluegrass Rhythm Survival Guide

Tyler Grant introduces us to the techniques every Bluegrass player needs to know — popular rhythm patterns and chord progressions, a primer on increasing playing speed, and a guide to the stylistic flair of the Bluegrass greats.

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Style of Santana

In this members only lesson series, Nick Kellie covers the dynamic playing style of iconic guitarist Carlos Santana. Get started with some scale and embellishment ideas and move on to chord progressions, soloing, improvisation, and composition.

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Featured Articles

5 Techniques to Make Your Guitar Playing More Expressive

If learning guitar is one of your main goals or you’re getting back into it it’s important to get the fundamental techniques of playing down. From fingering chords to strumming rhythms to picking individual notes, making music with the guitar is becoming a reality.

Using JamTracks To Inspire Your Practice Routine

It’s easy to get stuck listening to (and playing) one style of music. But exploring new genres will not only make you a better, more well-rounded musician, it will help you get a fresh take on those old favorites too.

Barre Chords Unlock 1000s of Songs on Guitar

Quick! Play a G sharp chord. I’ll wait …

It’s easy to come up with a G chord but sharp chords can be more elusive unless you know barre chords.

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