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The eighth edition of the JamPlay Podcast is now available for your prying eyes and ears.  In this edition of the craziest music podcast around our hosts sit and talk with Allen Van Wert.  Allen is an accomplished guitar shredder, and unbeknownst to many, also a computer programmer.  This week we cover the following topics:

  • Allen tells us the story of how he created Guitar Hero and Rock Band years before they actually came out.
  • We talk about Allen’s guitar playing and guitar learning career and what he is up too.
  • There is a brief and random discussion about online video games, including Guildwars 2.
  • Do Aliens really visit the planet Earth?
  • Making 9 year old girls cry in the laser tag arena.
  • What’s happening with Lady Gaga?
  • People who use Spotify being much more likely to purchase music.
  • Music and software piracy.

This was a rather zany podcast with a variety of interesting topics.   Please be sure to take a listen and then leave your comments below!

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